Autonomous Cars (And where to find them)

A depiction of a futuristic, self-driving car from the 50’s

There comes a time when each of us has wondered,

“I’m sick of this long commute. I’m sick of driving. Is there nothing I can do to spend this often dull time in a more satisfying way?”

Well, wonder no more.

The autonomous vehicle industry has been rapidly approaching fruition in recent years, and you will likely be seeing self-driving cars on the roads in the near future.

Over the last week, I took a gander at some articles describing some interesting statistics involving the recent usage of vehicular autonomy, and some of the results are quite fascinating- for instance, did you know that 55% of business-owned commercial fleets are expected to be fully automated by 2040? Or that autonomous vehicles are expected to free up thousands of square miles of land currently used for parking?

Maybe you’re the more conservative type, and need hefty, time-tested evidence to be convinced it’s entirely safe to use. Well, we’ve had autopilot functioning in aircraft for decades.

Autonomous Vehicles will allow for faster trips, safer commutes (once the technology is safer than human operators), be more energy efficient and renew lots of land to be repurposed.

Regardless of your stance, autonomous vehicles are on the way and will be here soon- are you ready to embrace the new ride, or will you be left behind in the dust?

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